EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator



EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator is available in a variety of formats for a variety of platforms.

All Platforms

The following source code should work on all platforms.

At the present time, EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator has a command-line interface (CLI), which automatically enters an interactive mode when further information is required from the user.

Download the most recent Command-Line (CLI) source
Version 0.55

In addition to the EasyBMPtoAVI source, you'll need the EasyBMP library to compile your project. This is because EasyBMPtoAVI uses EasyBMP to handle the input bitmap images.

Download the EasyBMP library (necessary for compiling)
Version 1.05 or later required

Windows (win32) Platform

For your convenience, pre-compiled win32 binaries are provided. All binaries are compatible with pentium3 processors and up. If you have an older processor, you'll need to grab the source and recompile.

Download the most recent Command-Line (CLI) win32 binary
Version 0.55