EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator


EasyBMPtoAVI Future Plans

Here are the future plans of the project that we plan to address soonest.

  1. Support for big-endian (e.g., PowerPC) architectures. Green Checkmark
  2. "Safer" operation, e.g., warnings for failure to open files Checkmark, frames that don't match size, input that exceeds 2GB Checkmark.
  3. Support for splitting the avi output into multiple files if the 2GB size limit is reached.
  4. Support for the AVI 2.0 (OpenDML) standard, for output greater than 2 GB.
  5. Support for writing other frame bit depths to the output movie.
  6. win32 and X11 graphical user interfaces (GUI's).
  7. Non-integral framerates. (e.g., 29.97 FPS) Green Checkmark
  8. Temporal smoothing by interpolation of adjacent frames Green Checkmark
  9. Support filename increments other than 1 Green Checkmark
  10. Allow resizing the input frames Green Checkmark
  11. Fix non-matching frame sizes by auto-resizing when possible.
  12. Sending error messages to a general string buffer to allow for eventual GUIs.